Chickens killed following chargeless cockfighting suspicion

By William R. Toler

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Terril Byrd’s feathers are ruffled…and for good reason. byrd

Back in December, New Bern police seized nearly 60 chickens (hens and roosters) from Byrd’s property on suspicion of cockfighting, according to NewsChannel 12. The station reports officers also seized training muffs, a vest, syringes and antibiotics.

Byrd told the station in January that he hadn’t done anything wrong. “They’re show birds,” he said. “I show them at the fair.” He also explained that the muffs were used for breeding and the vest was actually a beer holder.

Earlier this month, the station reported that District Attorney Scott Thomas said there was not enough evidence to charge Byrd and he gave the go-ahead for the chickens to be returned, passing the buck to Animal control.

“They were my pets,” he said. “The birds mean everything to me.”

Before he could get them back, some of the birds allegedly contracted “a contagious disease.” Some died. The rest were killed by the county government.
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Cash, property taken from Pitt County businesses in raid

By William R. Toler

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Earlier this month, heavily-armed gangs stormed nearly 30 Pitt County businesses in a calculated heist, stealing more than $30,000 in cash and otherVideoSweepstakes property.

Sounds horrible, right?

Mainstream news accounts read something more like this: Police and deputies seized numerous illegal gambling machines from businesses across Pitt County in a morning raid called “Operation Pot of Gold.”

That makes it all better, right? Not for the business owners.

The people calling themselves the State of North Carolina have taken it upon themselves, allegedly at the will of the people, to declare certain types of machines “illegal.” Therefore, those sworn to uphold the law, took it upon themselves to rid the county of the scourge of gambling.

Unless, of course, that gambling pertains to the state-sanctioned “Education” Lottery.

Local media outlets had a frontrow seat for this show of force against these brazen store owners who dared to try and fill a void in the market by providing a service that customers wanted as they were on a ride-along, capturing the confiscation on video.
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Henderson County deputy accused having of sex with student

A Henderson County deputy has been fired and arrested, facing three felony counts of sex offense with a student.hendersondep

According to WLOS, former deputy Daniel Lindsey was arrested at his home around midnight Friday. Lindsey was a school resource officer at Balfour Education Center in Hendersonville, a “center for students who have challenges staying in school.”

The 27-year-old was allegedly carrying on an affair with a 16-year-old girl at the school.

According to a neighbor, Lindsey was divorced, but had recently remarried.

Sheriff Charles McDonald says the relationship was consensual, but North Carolina has strict laws regarding sexual relations with individuals under the age of 18, especially when it comes to authority/custodial figures. If Lindsey was making the arrest on a non-badged individual, it’s unlikely he would accept the “consensual” justification.
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Eastern Carolina police to get their own tank

By William R. Toler

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Jacksonville residents beware: the police are getting a tank.bearcat

Jacksonville city council members unanimously voted to approve the police department’s purchase of a Lenco Bearcat.

According to some attendees of Tuesday night’s meeting, the decision had already been made at a prior planning workshop.

Members of the Eastern Carolina Republican Liberty Caucus went to the meeting to express concern. However, it was apparent council members could not be swayed.

One member posted-

From the copy of the agenda, made available to the public in the lobby:

Purchasing the Bearcat: Pros: (1) Increase in public safety operations; (2) Increase in officer safety; (3) Improved tactical operation response
Cons: None

Not Purchasing the Bearcat: Pros: None
Cons: (1) Officer life, health and safety concerns; (2) Escalating costs to keep vehicle in service

It seems the council would not have taken any worries from the public seriously, judging by the propaganda. But members of the ECRLC say that the council members maintained civility during and after the meeting, even though they disagreed. Several members added, the mayor seemed condescending to their concerns.

The police department’s only real justification for the Bearcat, is to replace it’s 33-year-old Dodge Peacekeeper. (How’s that for the name of a tactical truck?)
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NC medical cannabis grower raided

By William R. Toler

[Note: This originally appeared at The contact info for the involved agencies have been added below.]

Last Thursday, men with guns broke into Todd Stimson’s home to steal plants. todd raid

Stimson says he was brushing his teeth when he noticed police cars from the bathroom window. As he was going out to meet them, they busted in with assault weapons drawn on his kids.

“The treatment they give you…is in comparison to a terrorist,” Stimson said in an interview with Chase Rachels from the Blue Ridge Liberty Project. “Everybody was in army fatigues, army outfits…everything. And what they told the kids is it was SWAT training.”

[See video at bottom of post.]

According to local news station WLOS, the men with guns confiscated 75 plants, manufactured marijuana and paraphernalia.

The men with guns were from the Fletcher and Hendersonville Police Departments, the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office and the State Bureau of Investigation.

However, Stimson says the men with guns only took certain items, leaving behind his state and national certificates and other paperwork and copies of Treating Yourself magazine.
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Carteret County deputy tases tied dog

By William R. Toler

When Rebecka Brown returned home June 5, she noticed a business card stuck in her door. merlin_prong

That card was from Det. Joey Cooper, a deputy with the Carteret County Sheriff’s Office.

“Naturally I called the number immediately to find out why an officer had been here,” she wrote on a Facebook page.

Det. Cooper told her he was there to serve a warrant to her husband for failure to appear in court in relation to a ticket he had received while hunting. She also found out something horrifying.

“He then told me he had to tase my dog.”

When she asked why, Brown says Det. Cooper told her that Merlin, the family’s year-old lab/boxer mix, had attacked him. “I asked him if he was okay… I was in complete shock! He said he was fine, not so much as a scratch on him.”

[Note: Merlin was attached to a 10′ lead in the backyard, not roaming freely.]

“He instructed me that the taser did not shock Merlin because only one prong made a connection with him,” she said adding that Det. Cooper told her how to remove the prong. When the call ended, she went to check on her wounded pup. “Merlin wouldn’t let me near him. I could see the prong protruding from his back but but he just cowered and whined,” she said.

After several attempts to coax Merlin over so she could remove the prong, she noticed something strange about his eye. “There was a little blood under the lid of his right eye and the eyeball itself resembled an old rubber party balloon.” After she and a friend removed the prong she noticed his eyeball was ripped open.
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Rapper arrested over canned tea

By William R. Toler

A video posted on YouTube last week made its rounds across the internet Thursday featuring a man being hassled then arrested…over a can of tea.tea

The video starts with a man identified as Xstrav (identified by as Xstravagant, real name Christopher Beatty) standing outside a car with a can of Arizona tea. The video description says Beatty and friend Tino Brown were waiting on friends before going inside the state-run ABC liquor store in Fayetteville.

Shortly after, a man walks up to Beatty asking, “What you drinkin’?” Beatty walks toward the man showing the can and says, “It’s a tea…what’s wrong with you?” The man asks if there’s any alcohol in it and Beatty turns the can around pointing out what it is, “Sweet tea-lemonade.” The man then demands that Beatty hand over the can. It wasn’t until asked that the man identified himself as “police” without showing identification. Read More…


NC Cop Blocker proposes alternative remembrance of LEO victims

By Clyde Freeman

Lighted tree remembering fallen LEOs

It’s always sad when anyone loses their life. Police or non-police. No one’s life has more value over another.

Statistics are meticulously gathered by the Department of Justice on the number of LEOs that die each year and specifically how they lose their lives – in the line of duty, off duty, car accident, heart attack, or by the hand of an assailant.

No statistics are kept on the people each year who are killed by law enforcement. Those killed by law enforcement, while technically innocent since they have not been on trial and found guilty (remember, innocent until PROVEN guilty is supposed to be the standard), it would be hard to muster any kind of sympathy for a maniac killer that guns down a cop.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are some clear cut cases, where only after tremendous public pressure and scrutiny, is it revealed police have accidentally or through intent killed an innocent person.

Sandra Allmond and her 11 year old granddaughter, here in NC.

Kelly Thomas, beaten to death by cops in Fullerton, California.

Jose Guerena, shot 71 times in a no-knock raid – the wrong address*.
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Insight on institutionalization

By Clyde Voluntaryist Freeman

While working on a story not too long ago in Winston-Salem, I ran into an interesting gentleman who stopped to inquire what we were up to.

Bob Hupp said he had been a police officer for about 14 years and had spent about 14 years in the church as a parish pastor. He explained most of his life had been working in some sort of institution and he had interesting perspectives and insight into the institutional mind-set of obedience.

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Paying with pennies

By William R. Toler

A Winston-Salem activist paid his vehicle tax bill last week…in pennies.

Clyde Freeman walked into the Forsyth County tax office with a box full of pennies, clad in a t-shirt that read “Taxation is Theft” and a camera in-tow…manned by Cop Block founder Ademo Freeman. Employees tried to tell him he couldn’t record, but he insisted on his right to record public officals in a public building.

It took more than a dozen tax office employees 40 minutes to count the $117.22…that’s 11, 722 copper coins.
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