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Rapper arrested over canned tea

By William R. Toler

A video posted on YouTube last week made its rounds across the internet Thursday featuring a man being hassled then arrested…over a can of tea.tea

The video starts with a man identified as Xstrav (identified by as Xstravagant, real name Christopher Beatty) standing outside a car with a can of Arizona tea. The video description says Beatty and friend Tino Brown were waiting on friends before going inside the state-run ABC liquor store in Fayetteville.

Shortly after, a man walks up to Beatty asking, “What you drinkin’?” Beatty walks toward the man showing the can and says, “It’s a tea…what’s wrong with you?” The man asks if there’s any alcohol in it and Beatty turns the can around pointing out what it is, “Sweet tea-lemonade.” The man then demands that Beatty hand over the can. It wasn’t until asked that the man identified himself as “police” without showing identification. Read More…


Wrong place, wrong time

[The following is a post I wrote nearly three years ago regarding my encounters with law enforcement. My attitude has changed slightly over the years.~Will]

I wouldn’t classify myself as a cop-hater…but several run-ins with law enforcement officials have left me with a less-than-favorable opinion. Two of those occasions happened to be with Jerry’s Brownshirts*. It may be due to my knack for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Just that circumstance seems to infer guilty until proven innocent.

(* A less than flattering term I coined for Craven County deputies under Sheriff Jerry Monette….akin to Jerry Monette and his secret police as described by former Vanceboro Voice publisher Art Manning)

Back in the winter of 2004, I was feeling a little down and decided to take a drive. While meandering through the backroads of northeastern Craven County I felt like being by the water, which usually has a soothing effect on me. Since I didn’t want to go into New Bern, I opted for the Wildlife boat landing just north of Bridgeton. It has a nice open view of the river with a few lights sprinkled about on the other side.

As I drove up I noticed a burgundy Chevy Blazer bearing the markings of the Craven County Sheriff ‘s Office. “Hmmm…,” I thought. “I wonder what he’s doing down here.” I decided to stay because I figured turning around would raise suspicion. Since I was doing nothing wrong I pulled up and parked. The view was dark, but nice on the dark December night.
Read More…

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Northhampton County, NC Sheriff’s Deputy Charged with Misdemeanor Assault and Battery

Within the last month, a second Northhampton County, NC Sheriff’s Deputy has been charged with a crime and the county’s top cop, Sheriff Wardie P. Vincent has dropped a veil of silence over the arrests by refusing to discuss both events.

This latest arrest warrant goes back to an event in April, charging Detective Lynette Clements, 41, with pushing a woman (misdemeanor assault and battery) at a club several times in the back, according to the Daily Herald of Roanoke Rapids ( ). Clements was working off duty as security at the nightclub. His lawyer Jamal Sumney said the woman was told to leave the club, and Clements escorted her out and did not assault her.

“Summey said he believes the Northampton County Sheriff’s Office is “under attack,” citing the fact Lt. Cory Jackson, also from the office, was charged with false imprisonment and assault in June.”

“These officers are under attack and they’re being wrongly charged with this stuff,” Summey said. “Who’s looking out for these officers?”

Innocent until proven guilty, right? Why doesn’t this apply to non-LEO’s when charged with a crime? The common perception then is that, if you were charged, you must have done something wrong.

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